Lexington, Massachusetts, 1775.

Australia, c.1920s.

Australia, c.1920s.

Underground bunker in former East Germany, 2005.

Battle of the Somme, France, 1916.

Leuven, Belgium, 1940.

Norway, 1940.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1941.

Elbe River at Tangerm√ľnde, Germany, 1945

Baltic Sea, Latvia, 2002.

Lithuania, 1941.


Anonymous asked:

Anything Lithuanian, Estonian, pretty much Baltic state related? Please?


That part of the world is no stranger to violence and suffering.  Should be easy.

Hiroshima, Japan, 1945.

North Dakota, 1919.

In a blimp somewhere over Europe, c.1916.

Cologne, Germany, 1947.

Cologne, Germany, 1947.