Cairo, 2011.

Kiev, Ukraine, 2014.

Stockholm, Sweden, 1970.


space-cadet420 asked:

After reading ur response to the question of "What moment in history would u like to see?" I must say, I gave u a standing ovation. That's a tough question + ur answers were very thought provoking. If I had to pick only 1 tho, I'd chose capping JWB!


Thanks a lot, I appreciate that!

Waco, Texas, 1916.

Lexington, Massachusetts, 1775.

Australia, c.1920s.

Australia, c.1920s.

Underground bunker in former East Germany, 2005.

Battle of the Somme, France, 1916.

Leuven, Belgium, 1940.

Norway, 1940.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1941.

Elbe River at Tangerm√ľnde, Germany, 1945

Baltic Sea, Latvia, 2002.